SMARTOP – Technologically innovative construction products

SMARTOP is a Brazilian company specializing in the development and production of cutting-edge products with high technology and quality geared to the building and construction sector. Our main goal is to offer innovative products that bring efficiency, savings and optimize the process in the construction field.

SMARTOP has a structure with a modern technological resource to guarantee the success in the manufacture of it is products, also a continuous improvement process it is to create extra value and exceed the expectations of our partners and customers.

SMARTOP provides technical support to our partners and customers in learning to use all our products.

Currently, we serve the entire national territory and export to various countries. We are open to new partnerships for product distribution in your region.

The SMARTOP offers two main product lines, conventional products, and cutting-edge products, they are all water-based, therefore eco-friendly 


-Paint textures;

-Primers & Sealers;


-Waterproofing agent;

-Plasticizers and

– Adhesive.


Innovative products, all eco-friendly:

-Mortar ready for use to laying bricks and blocks;

-insulating paint;

-Liquid Waterproofing Membrane

-Powder Waterproofing

-Liquid Lime Plasticizer

-Super Multitask Glue.

Our Mission:

To Innovate! Develop, manufacture and sell products that provide sustainable and intelligent solutions for the economy, time optimization, meeting deadlines, and ensuring a competitive price.

Our Vision:

Conquer and retain customer and partners through a continuous process of improvement, and technological innovation, identifying the market needs and assisting them through the development of innovative and sustainable solutions.

Our Values:

-Commitment and responsibility;

-Competency and innovation;

-Socio-Environmental Interaction;

-Ethics and respect for our employees, partners, and customers;

-Focus on Results;

-Strategy and Ethical Competitiveness.


Technologically innovative products developed to optimization your construction.

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