The Smartop Polymeric Mortar is a new constructive solution. It is a technologically innovative product created to replace the conventional mortar in the laying of bricks or blocks for masonry walls, which gives an excellent work performance on masonry walls.


Polymeric mortar emerged in the United States in the early 1980s. In Brazil, it began to be marketed in building construction in the year 2011. The use of this product has spread mainly in the South of the country, as there is a culture of use of the product. In other Brazilian regions, the product has recently been introduced in the market.


Mass made from mineral compounds with special additives.


Ready for use: Smartop Polymeric Mortar is a pasty product, ready-to-use, which eliminates the addition of any other substance to its formula, as a result, reduces the cost of labor, potentially greater economy and increasing productivity.

Safe product: It provides better compressive strength and better tensile strength in flexing, two incompatible attributes in the traditional mortar. And, it still has better adhesion on the substrate (brick or block).

Saving: It reduces labor and increases productivity by up to three times compared to the conventional mortar.

Polymeric Mortar produces up to 20 times yield more compared with a traditional mortar which provides a lower cost per square meter of a wall, that’s because 1kg of Polymeric Mortar is equivalent to 20 kg of conventional mortar.

With 1.5 kg of polymer, mortar makes 1 square meter of a wall, while with conventional mortar it takes 30kg to makes 1 square meter of a wall.

The Polymeric Mortar has better settlement performance and results in more uniform walls which provide economy in plaster mortar because it allows that plaster to be thinner.

Do not need use screen, clamp or similar thing for anchoring of bricks/blocks in concrete pillars;

Zero waste;

Workspace clean, which reduces labor costs to perform cleaning space.

Speed in the execution of your work: It provides higher settling speed, as its application can become up to three times faster than conventional mortar; Workspace clean, which increases the speed of the execution of work.

Collaborates for the environmental preservation: It is an ecological product it does not take in its composition cement and sand as a conventional mortar.

Easy Transportation and Logistics: Smartop Polymeric Mortar is practical and saves a lot of time and space for your logistics and warehousing.



Keep the product in a cool, dry and well ventilated place.

It is recommended that no more than 5 rows of boxes stacked on the pallet.



Smartop Polymeric Mortar is suitable for internal or external wall masonry, with no structural function or refractory use.



With a tube of 3 kg can make up to 2 square meter of masonry wall.


Bricks or Blocks:

There should be no differences of dimensions larger than 3 mm between one piece and another, as this would result in difficulty in leveling and aligning the blocks at the time of application.

The bricks or blocks used must comply with the quality standards established by the local standards.



Application: The Smartop Polymeric Mortar can be applied with the packaging itself (tube), just simply cut the packaging in the indicated place and apply.  This product can also be applied with the Smartop applicator that has two nozzles and allows both rows to be made at the same time. In this case, need to cut the tube into the bottom side and insert its contents into the Smartop applicator, which increase the productivity significantly.

Surface preparation: In case the Smartop Polymeric Mortar is applied in slightly moist pieces, the curing time will be delayed, but will not affect its adhesion and its final result. However, if the parts are completely wet adhesion, and consequently, the final result will be affected.

The bricks or blocks must be clean, without sand, grease, oils or powder so that there is no compromise on the product adhesion.

Base leveling: To ensure a satisfactory final result, it is necessary that the base is well leveled and plumb to receive this product. Therefore, we recommend that the first course of bricks or blocks is always seated with conventional mortar, to correct any unevenness that may exist on the floor. 



The correct dosage: Smartop Polymeric Mortar should be done in two lines of mortar, applied with approximately 1 centimeter of diameter each, on one of the surfaces to be joined. We recommend using the Smartop applicator to ensure correct dosing. 

Observe the distance of the blocks: During the application of this product, there is no need to “head” the bricks or blocks (apply the product to the vertical joints). However, it is advisable to leave a lateral gap of 1 to 3 millimeter between the blocks to accommodate the thermal dilations and hygroscopic. After the masonry plaster is done, that gap will be filled with mortar.

The importance of check the level and use the plumb: If the masonry is out of the level or plumbing during application, small shims should be used to make minor adjustments. In order to avoid leveling or plumbing problems, it is recommended that the first course be laid with conventional mortar as previously mentioned. 

The moment to fill that gap at top of the last course of the wall: To fix the wall gap to the slab or upper beam must be carried out according to the norms and the good practices of the market. Must be used Mortar for masonry (resilient mortar).

During anchoring: The fixing of the blocks or bricks can be done directly on the pillars or side columns with the Smartop Polymer Mortar. The space between the parts must be observed since they must not exceed 3 millimeters in the entire contact area between the blocks and the column. Certain types of metal strips or tapes may be used.

The height recommended for the settlement: The ideal height of masonry that can be built on the same day will depend on the type and quality of the bricks or blocks that will be used. If rain or strong winds are forecast for the next few hours, it is recommended that the height be moderate, thus avoiding misalignment or plumbing output of the masonry.

Recommended application time: After applying the Smartop Polymeric Mortar on the blocks or bricks, it is recommended that the laying of the bricks or blocks be carried out within the next 10 minutes. This recommended time may vary depending on the weather conditions, in wet climates this time may be longer, in dry climates, this time may be lower.


After application: Observe curing time: Initial drying of the product usually takes place between 6 and 12 hours. However, its final resistance will only be achieved after 72 hours, in dry and hot climates. However, the cure time may vary depending on the types of bricks or blocks used and the climatic conditions of the environment. When there is intense humidity, curing of the product will not begin until the sealed blocks have completely dried.


When initial resistance occurs: The Smartop Polymeric Mortar begins to become weather resistant after the first 8 hours when it comes to dry weather. If the humidity in the air increases or there is rain during the first 8 hours, it is recommended to cover or anchor the masonry so that it does not come out of the plumb.

In case of adjustments: If it is necessary to make some adjustment like removing bricks or blocks after their settlement, must remove the mortar that has been applied and redo the application with a new mortar. In case do not make this way so may result in adhesion problems of the product to the substrate (brick or block).

In case of open packaging: When doesn’t used the mortar completely tube on the same day, the packaging can be sealed and the product can be reused within 30 days.




Technologically innovative products developed to optimization your construction.

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